Danfoss All-IN-ONE Condensing Unit(2HP-7HP)

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High efficiency, energy saving and low noise
Danfoss All-in-one condensing unit
Adopt Danfoss core parts, strictly control product design and production process, and pass Danfoss audit standards
The unit range is 2-15HP, which can meet the different temperature requirements of commercial refrigeration and cold storage.

Unit overall drawing

Unit overall drawing

Air cooler overall drawing

Air cooler overall drawing

●Increase the heat dissipation area and fan air volume to achieve efficient heat transfer, save electricity, and easily cope with bad working conditions in summer
●Thicken sheet metal, flexible pipeline design, reduce unit vibration
●Anticorrosive galvanized plate + electrostatic spray, durable corrosion resistance, not easy to scratch deformation, prolong the service life
●The compressor is equipped with standard sound insulation cotton to reduce noise pollution and residents’ complaints during operation

Adopt Danfoss core components

Scroll compressor

Solenoid valve

Pressure protection switch

Dry filter

Sight glass

Scroll compressorSpecial compressor for cold storage, low failure rate, energy saving Solenoid valve500 thousand times switch, long life, seconds kill other brands, strict control of refrigerant on and off Pressure protection switchThe force proportional action and double layer pressure control bellows protect the safety of the unit Dry filterWater absorption speed, high ability, high filtration efficiency, corrosion resistance, impurities and water nowhere to escape Sight glassEffectively control the refrigerant filling volume of the system to ensure reliability


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