Copeland Scroll Compressor Advantages

The industrial and food processing industries place high demands on equipment reliability and low energy consumption. The reliability and energy efficiency of Copeland scroll compressors and the advantages of Copeland condensing units have been proven to meet the above requirements.

Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing units are the highest-scoring products in their class. It uses a unique scroll technology that can provide customers with a fundamental, initial value difference in medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. Copeland Scroll ZX series condensing units are equipped with E2 controller, which can monitor the running status of the compressor in real time, so as to ensure that the compressor works within a safe range. Field tests conducted in collaboration with the customer proved that the condensing unit can save 30% of electricity annually, equivalent to $650 in electricity bills (at a rated power of 5HP).

The unit adopts an electronic monitoring system and multiple sensors, which can continuously monitor the operation of the compressor. Built-in intelligence optimizes compressor performance and increases its reliability. The unit is suitable for a variety of outdoor environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range of -25°C to +48°C.

Copeland Scroll Z series condensing units are compact in structure and stylish in appearance. The outdoor enclosure is low noise and ideal for cooling small urban retail stores.

In order to ensure the freshness of food, it is necessary to establish a systematic, standardized and sustainable cold chain, covering the links from product harvesting, processing, transportation to storage and sales, in which cold storage is the link between all links. The refrigeration system of the cold storage not only has high standards for low failure rate and long-term reliable operation, but also strives for a wide range of operating capabilities because of the diversity of food preservation.

“Liquid-injected” fighter jets in compressors
Emerson Climate Technologies announced the launch of the Copeland Scroll NZSI series of cryogenic compressors with CoreSenseT modules, suitable for operation in low and medium temperature freezing conditions, mainly in cold storage. The unique secret of this compressor is “liquid injection technology”, which can not only avoid compressor failure caused by high temperature exhaust temperature, but also effectively expand the operating range of the compressor.

The main advantages of ZSI series cryogenic compressors
In addition to the inherent strength brought by the liquid injection technology, ZSI series low-temperature compressors also have a number of acquired skills to ensure that they are always “fresh”.

A. High energy efficiency and high reliability brought by scroll compressors Compared with piston compressors, it has a higher energy efficiency ratio and reduces moving parts, resulting in higher reliability
Patented bi-directional flexible design allows the scrolls to be separated axially and radially, allowing liquid and debris to pass through the scrolls without damaging the compressor
B.CoreSenseTM Diagnostic Module-Intelligent Core
The liquid injection technology controlled by CoreSenseTM can avoid the failure of the compressor caused by the high discharge temperature. The precise control of the liquid injection volume can be realized by detecting the temperature of the discharge pipe

LED lights display the temperature status of the exhaust pipe and the operation of the electronic expansion valve, helping customers to determine the cause of the failure more quickly and accurately.
Low to medium temperature applications cover -30°C to 0°C evaporation temperature

CoreSenseM controlled liquid jet technology for improved reliability at low temperatures Wider operating range reduces inventory requirements
Environmentally friendly low GWP refrigerant applications

Post time: Feb-12-2022